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We Are Committed To Improving Your Steam Room

Having a steam room in your home offers a fleet of benefits. For instance, studies have shown that the heat and humidity of a steam bath can help promote restful sleep and better heart health. And beyond the health benefits, steam rooms offer a lifestyle bump and increase home values. But no steam room is complete without a well-running steam generator to power it. Our generators produce the steam that is so crucial to your bathing experience, and the tied-in control units allow you to generate as much or as little as you need. At The Sundance Sauna Store, you can count on high-quality steam generators. Throughout Hamilton, ON, and the surrounding area, customers trust us for our twin commitments to customer service and top-notch products. And we deliver on our promises.


We Sell a Vast Array of Generators to You

Today, owners of steam rooms want possibilities and personalization. We can offer them to you. At The Sundance Sauna Store, we are proud to provide Amerec® Steam generators that come packaged with sophisticated and user-friendly control units. The AX Generator with Elite Control includes digital read-outs and seven-day timers. If you want a streamlined, user-friendly experience, you can give the AK Generator with K60 control, including three-button control with an on-off switch and temperature and time duration settings. No matter which Amerec® Steam generator you choose, you can be sure of its quality, as we would sell nothing but the best.

We Have Your Need Covered, No Matter What

Whether you are installing a brand-new steam room or upgrading an existing one, you need a durable, high-quality steam generator. We sell nothing but the best at The Sundance Sauna Store. You can rely on us to provide you with what you need to run your steam room at a fair price and with a friendly demeanor. Contact us today if you have any more questions about steam generators.

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