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Add Infrared Technology for Even Heat Distribution

The Sundance Spa is proud to be the only company to offer Finnleo’s InfraSauna to Mississauga customers. InfraSauna is an innovative Infrared design that allows for even heat distribution throughout your sauna. Many Infrared designs suffer from poor heat distribution, either resulting in cold spots or hot spots where the heating element is. InfraSauna is engineered to create powerful full-body heat throughout your sauna using patented CarbonFlex emitters. Best of all, InfraSauna is fully customizable. You design your sauna, from glass windows to sound systems. There are no limits on what you can do with InfraSauna.

Finnleo’s Fully-Modular Sauna in Hamilton, ON

Finnleo’s Fully-Modular Saunas Allow for Endless Customization

Our saunas are fully modular. Installation of a home sauna has never been easier and upgrading your sauna with infrared technology is a breeze. You’ll be getting the most out of your home sauna in no time.

  • InfraSauna features enough CarbonFlex heating panels to ensure even, penetrating heat throughout your sauna, resulting in a more pleasurable spa experience.
  • InfraSauna uses stainless steel heaters with digital control to give you total control of the temperature in your sauna.
  • You can choose the wood you want for your sauna.
  • The benches come pre-assembled, so you don’t have to worry about putting them together.
  • We have a wide array of lighting to choose from.
  • InfraSauna comes with accessories like buckets, ladles, and rocks.
  • You can put your own touch on your sauna with full-wall glass panels and customized lighting for recessed light.

The Sundance® Sauna Store InfraSaunas also come in a wide array of sizes. You can find a sauna that will fit any corner of your home or outdoor space. Put a small sauna big enough for one in the corner of your basement or a large one overlooking the lake in your backyard.

Health Benefits of a Home Sauna in Hamilton, ON

Enjoy the Health Benefits of a Home Sauna

The benefits of owning a sauna in your home are limitless. Studies have shown that they have a positive role in your body’s production of endorphins, which are vital to restful sleep. Cardiovascular health is improved through repeated use of saunas. Contact us today and order custom InfraSauna for your home.

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