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Gorgeous Design, Maximum Control

While you will be able to see that our saunas are elegantly-designed, functionality is just as important. There are multiple ways to heat and control a sauna, from utilizing a variety of sleekly-built heaters, to controlling the amount of heat and humidity your sauna produces using Bio Water Technique and high-tech controls. Our goal is to provide an attractive product that works as it should. Your sauna experience is meant to soothe your body and mind, so why should you have to worry about the mechanisms that make it work?

woman laying down in sauna

Our Heating Options

Obviously, a crucial component of your sauna’s functionality will be how effectively it can provide a steady supply of heat and steam. Our heaters are designed to use direct contact with the rocks used in the saunas to increase heat. Each heating unit has one goal: provide soothing steam and gentle heat and to provide a perfectly-balanced climate.

As with all other elements of our saunas, our heaters are built with painstaking craftsmanship and come with a wide array of design and functional styles, including:

  • Classic heaters: Classic heaters use an open-air flow design for efficiency. They can be wall-mounted or floor-standing depending on your preference.
  • Backline heaters: Backline heaters use a bio-water approach that allows for an adaptable sauna experience. You can more easily adjust the steam and heat emissions in your sauna with this innovative approach.
  • Wood-burning heaters: Wood-burning heaters are an electricity-free system ideal for cabins and remote locations. They use a technique called the “Coanda” effect, which uses an air channeling system inside the casing to more quickly heat the rocks.
  • Tonttu heaters: Tonttu heaters combine an aesthetically-pleasing, European-inspired design with an insulated shell that allows for maximum heat retention.

Gain More Control Over Your Sauna

Given the importance of proper temperature in a sauna, we want to make sure your experience is stress-free, because, your sauna experience is meant to relieve stress. That’s why we offer a variety of control over your system, including the ability to link with your smartphone. To find out more about our options, come and see us.

Experience the Sundance Sauna Store Difference