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Your Sauna Should Reflect You

Now that you’ve chosen an infrared or traditional design for your spa and deliberated over which of our unique heating elements to use, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your space. Your happiness in your home is often tied to how much it feels like you, on whether you’ve put your own stamp on the walls and on the floors. Your personal sauna should be no different. Whether you are partial to modern-looking design concepts, or you’re more partial to rustic fare, we have you covered.

Towels Rolled at The Sundance Sauna Store

Personalize Your Soothing Space

  • Ladles: Ladles are used to keep your hands away from steam while you splash water over your sauna’s rocks to create vapor. We have multiple styles to choose from.
  • Towels: Dry off with a beautiful towel used just for your ladle. You can color-coordinate with the rest of your sauna accessories.
  • Temperature gauges: Make sure you’re getting the most use out of your sauna experience by ensuring that your temperatures are where they should be. We offer several lines of sauna temp gauges.

Set the Tone with a Beautiful Entryway

When you have company over, why not draw your guest’s eye to a beautiful entryway to your sauna. Choosing a door that best fits your personality can go a long way towards making your space your own.

While most of our saunas come with all-glass doors, you can choose to actualize your space with a variety of options. We offer six door designs, which can come in both standard and handicapped sizes. We offer bronze-tinted, satin, etched and Canadian hemlock door designs in addition to the standard glass option. Come and see why the perfect door can make a world of difference in the overall feel of your spa.

Lighting your sauna is just as important as having the proper tools to keep it running. The lighting you choose will go a long way towards achieving your health and aesthetic goals.

  • Wall scone
  • LED light strips
  • LED Gimbal mini-spot
  • Spectra lights

Experience the Sundance Sauna Store Difference