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Are you feeling a “Traditional” wet sauna to clear out your sinuses? Or an “Infrared” sauna to repair torn muscles after a workout? How are you going to feel tomorrow? The best of both worlds’ is available in one unit from Finnleo’s InfraSauna series.

Even if you have limited floor space at home the Sundance Spa Store Sauna of the month will satisfy your daily sauna needs! The Finnleo Hallmark IS440 is the perfect 2-person sauna to get exactly what you desire out of your sauna on a daily basis!

Finnleo InfraSauna is the only hybrid sauna in the market and it comes in 2 prebuilt kit sizes or can be customizable to fit most rooms.

More details on the InfraSauna category are below:

InfraSauna Standard Features:
  • Premanufactured wood-framed CarbonFlex heating panels for walls and behind legs
  • All-glass door
  • Stainless Steel Junior or Viki Heater with Vulcanite rocks
  • SaunaLogic2 control panel to easily select “Infrared” or “Traditional” sauna
  • Nordic Spruce, Cedar, or Canadian Hemlock T&G walls and ceiling
  • Prebuilt bench skirts, backrests, heater guard, and floor boards for easy installation
  • Lighting system with colour therapy
  • Bluewave Bluetooth speaker system
  • Water bucket & ladle
PreBuilt options:
Hallmark InfraSauna IS440

If limited floor space is your concern the IS440 is a 4’x4’ two-person sauna kit straight from the factory comprised of Finnleo’s patented Low EMR/EF Infrared heating panels in addition to a stainless steel traditional sauna heater. This unit is simple to assemble and will plug directly into a 120V household outlet.

Hallmark InfraSauna IS565

Finnleo has recently introduced the IS565 sauna which is a 5’x6’ five-person sauna kit. This family size sauna is completely self-contained and once built simply plugs into a 240V outlet to enjoy.

Custom InfraSauna

If you are looking for a specific size sauna, talk to a sales representative at one of our 6 Sundance Spa Store locations to discuss our custom options. We will develop a CAD and quote to turn your dream sauna into a reality.